Captives of the City

A subterranean performance

Deep underground, something is stirring. Ideas are spreading and change is beckoning. The Captives have a choice: embrace the terrifying uncertainty of change or maintain the status quo.

A fusion of digital puppetry, live animation, music and performance, Captives of the City is a radical exploration of the desire for change. The Captives face the choice between the terrifying uncertainty of embracing change and the safety of maintaining the status quo.

“As an act of digital puppetry it’s astounding”

“…amidst all the starkness of this space, and the austerity of the sounds, amidst the cages and the concrete, you find yourself beginning to notice something unexpected emerging: beauty and humanity and even a sense of hope … Captives of the City’ is astonishing.”

“Schack-Arnott’s solo improvisation on a close-miked cage with knitting needles … conjures silvery tones, phasing swathes of sound and deep bass notes out of the bars … stunning musical performances.’.”


Green Room Association Awards

  • Winner Best Design and Realisation in Contemporary Performance
  • Winner Best Puppetry Performance

Captives of the City was a collaboration between independent company Lemony S Puppet Theatre and Chamber Made Opera.

Captives of the City was co-presented by Chamber Made Opera and Arts Centre Melbourne. This project was assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.