A Slow Emergency

A work in three parts: Outside. Inside. The Other side.

Time is running out.  The crisis is so large that we can’t see it. But it’s happening. The teenagers have asked us to gather, to be still, to listen, and to protest. But this is not a protest as we know it. It is a dream, a ritual purging, and an act of resistance.

A Slow Emergency is a new work — part concert, part performance, part fantasia — which positions teenagers at the centre of a conversation about climate. Made in conversation with a core team of teenage artist/activists and performed by an ensemble of musicians and singers aged 14-18, A Slow Emergency is a ritual summoning, an SOS, an act of resistance, a carnival, a warning to the universe as imagined by teenagers on the precipice of change.

An accomplished team of core artists led by theatre director Adena Jacobs and composer Cat Hope, come into collaboration with a large ensemble of teenage vocalists, instrumentalists and performers to create an epic, disquieting, and hallucinatory work which takes place outside, inside and on the other side of Parliament House.