Between Lands and Longings

A search for a sense of home

In 2012 acclaimed UK live artists Zierle & Carter came to Australia for a six-week residency, funded by Arts Council England. They were co-commissioned by Chamber Made Opera (Melbourne) and the In Between Time Festival (Bristol) to make a new Living Room Opera to be performed in both countries.

The resulting work Between Lands and Longings explores questions of identity and belonging. Inspired by their Australian residency, Zierle & Carter weave personal reflections into a poetic, visually rich piece of installed performance. Distant voices echo stories of displacement, migration, newfound connection and our search for a sense of home.

This bespoke chamber opera premiered in a Bristol living room as part of IBT13 in February 2013. Zierle & Carter then travelled back to Melbourne to premiere the work on Australian soil as part of Chamber Made Opera’s Macedon International Living Room Opera Weekend. The work has been video documented and will be made in to a digital art film by The Public Studio.

Chamber Made Opera and Fed Square went on to co-present a very public manifestation of this stunning work in the Main Square on Tuesday 26 November, with video produced by The Public Studio.

“…the piece communicated the very essence of opera, using language and sound and particularly imagery to overwhelm the senses…”


Co-commissed by Chamber Made Opera and In Between Time

Zierle & Carter extend their heartfelt thanks to all their Kickstarter Campaign Supporters, who helped them to return to Australia to perform the work in 2013: Francesca Romana Chiardi, Charlotte Hawkins, Tim Stitz, Arianna Ferrari, Laurence North, Philip Fryer, Lucy Cash, Clare Hyam, Rachel Lambert, Mark Jeffery, Celtic Inspiration, Oliver Rudkin, Thomas Peikert, Rosemary Schneider, P.A.S. Performance Art Studies, Mary Ann Bloomfield, Carol A Wilson, Nicola Morton, Ingrid Braun, Charlotte Still, Joanne ‘Bob’ Whalley, Lizzie Kate W, Belinda Whiting, Jason Davis, Aaron Robinson, Kalli Rolfe, Jenny Port, Aaron Poupard, Michael Donnelly, Clarissa Beothy, Nina Ennaji, Amber Stewart, Sylvia Rimat, Rebecca Patterson, Teresa Albor, Hannah Firth, Sandy Huckleberry, Nancy Roth, Alex Diqui, Jonty Lees, Charli Clark, Hannah Jones, Lottie Leedham, Claudia Caolin, Sara Bowler, Jordan McKenzie, Snežana Golubovi?, Carl Slater, John Charles Gullage, Francesca Fini, Andrew Mottorshed, Andrea Pagnes, Celeste Ricci, Jon Greenland, Jacob Woods, Franki Anderson, Michelle Outram, Vela Phelan, Theron Schmidt and Rajni Shah, Mo Bottomley, Nathalie Snyder, Paul Van de Burgh, Frances Williams, Sarah Carter, Stefanie Cohen, Philip Hession, Pete Carter, Teresa Gleadowe, Ilker Cinarel, Michael, Hormann, Miika Sillanpää, Rena Meyer Wiel, Jamie Eastman, Lucas Dupin Melo, Janet McEwan, Kayleigh Fellows and Anonymous (2).


2013: Fed Square, Melbourne (26 November)
2013: Macedon International Living Room Opera Weekend, Monegeetta, Macedon Ranges VIC (2-3 November)
2013: Clifton, Bristol UK (14-17 February)