Audiosketch is a Chamber Made podcast created and produced by Roslyn Oades. Roslyn created a series of art dates with artists about their practice, with conversations particularly referencing how they have been listening at this moment in time.

Season 2

Episode 1: Aviva Endean

Aviva is an artist dedicated to fostering a deep engagement with sound and music, with the hope that attentive listening can connect people with each other and their environment. Trained as a clarinetist, she works as a composer, clarinettist, improviser, curator and performance-maker, and creates unusual, spatially engaged, and participatory contexts for listening.

Episode 2: Justin Shoulder

Phasmahammer is the pseudonym of shape-shifting artist Justin Talplacido Shoulder. Working primarily in performance, sculpture, video and collective events Phasmahammer is an eco-cosmology of alter personas based on queered ancestral myth. Creatures birthed are embodied through hand crafted costumes and prosthesis and animated by their own gestural languages. The artist uses their body and craft as an instrument of metaphysics towards a queer Filipinx futurism. P.H. believes in performance and shared ceremony as communal medicine for difficult times.

Episode 3: Hildegard Westerkamp (Part 1)

Hildegard Westerkamp came from Germany to Vancouver in 1968 and has lived on these ancestral lands of the Coast Salish peoples ever since, gratefully acknowledging that her career as composer, radio artist, educator and sound ecologist blossomed on these lands. Westerkamp’s pioneering musical works and writing at the intersections of environmentalism, acoustic communication, radio arts, listening practices and soundwalking activate an awareness, that sound is a decisive dimension of the world, an idea that underpins contemporary thinking across social, political, artistic and scientific practices of environmental respect and concern.

Episode 4: Hildegard Westerkamp (Part 2)


Season 1

Episode 1: Rainbow Chan

Rainbow Chan is a vocalist, producer and multi-disciplinary artist who has built a reputation as one of the most innovative musicians in Australia. Driven by a DIY spirit, Chan melds catchy melodies and off-kilter beats made up of field-recordings and found sounds. Both heartbreaking and tender at once, her idiosyncratic brand of pop holds a mirror up to diasporic experiences, and also deeply personal tales of love and loss.

Episode 2: Dr Ros Bandt

Dr Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer, musician, researcher and scholar. Since 1977 she has pioneered interactive sound installations, sound sculptures, and created sound playgrounds, aeolian harps spatial music systems, and some 40 sound installations worldwide.

Episode 3: Adena Jacobs

Adena Jacobs is the artistic director of independent company Fraught Outfit. In 2014-15 she was Resident Director at Belvoir, and in 2012 she was Female Director in Residence at Malthouse Theatre. Adena has presented her work internationally at the English National Opera in London and at Tokyo Festival. In April 2022, her production of DIE TROERINNEN (TROJAN WOMEN) will premiere at Vienna’s Burgtheatre.

Audiosketch was first commissioned as part of Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange. It is supported by the Australia Council, the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and The Substation, as Hi-Viz partners.