Discussion between artists, experts and audience.

Photo credit: Daisy Noyes

The Salon Program is an opportunity for audiences to delve deeper into the content and context of our works. Based on either a keynote or Q&A presentation model, each Salon is set around themes and ideas underpinning current artworks of the company, providing a meaningful platform for audiences to probe deeper into the works.

Join us to hear artists, academics and experts speak about current works and various aspects of artistic practice and research. Audiences are invited to engage with the speakers and be part of the discussion.



Language Voice and Desire (August 2018)
Unusual Pairings (September 2017)
Between 8 and 9 (March 2017)
Permission to Speak (October 2016)
Spatial sound and the experience of performance (April 2016)
Intimacy & Turbulence (October 2015)
Agile Opera (April 2015)
After The Wake (October 2014)
Into The Chamber (April 2014)