Image: Pia Johnson

The inaugural Hi-Viz Practice Exchange was held in December 2018 at The SUBSTATION as a day to foster dialogue, build networks, and nurture new understandings between performance makers, theatre directors, composers, and sound artists.

Whilst there are many artists working in these crossover spaces, there are few opportunities outside of the framework of producing work, to gather and interrogate this area of practice. Each artform discipline brings with it quite distinct languages, skills, processes, conventions and expectations.

Hi-Viz aims to begin conversations to unpack these differences in the hope of developing a richer understanding of the possibilities of cross-artform practice. Importantly, it is also a program for practitioners from the often quite discrete scenes of contemporary performance/theatre, sound art, and new/art music to meet one another.

Hi-Viz 2021: Sound as Knowledge Exchange

Hi-Viz 2020

Hi-Viz 2019

Hi-Viz 2018

In 2020 Hi-Viz was rewarded by a Green Room Nomination in the category of ARTIST-LED ACTIONS (actions that showed leadership, foregrounded care, voice, community and making urgent change).

*NOTE: This project is a ‘Special Measure’ under Section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 – meaning it can direct its focus towards a specific group. This event welcomes all cis and trans women, trans men and non-binary folk.