Chamber Made New Work Fundraiser

What is Chamber Made?

Chamber Made has evolved and moved with the times since it was first established in 1988. This, of course, is only natural for a company committed to exploration at the cutting-edge of performance practice. Our artist-led processes of collaboration and experimentation lead to genre-defying productions, each one unique as it shape-shifts to wrap around the ideas that it serves. Chamber Made plays a vital role in the contemporary arts landscape, bringing performance, sound and music together in ever-changing constellations.

Recent, award-winning and critically acclaimed works are as varied as the sonic portrait of renowned New York-based Singaporean pianist Margaret Leng Tan Dragon Ladies Don’t Weep, the performance work for bodies and electronics featuring a bespoke instrument designed by Alisdair Macindoe in SYSTEM_ERROR; and brainchild of audio-visual artist and composer Robin Fox, the sci-fi revelation that was Diaspora, with its stunning visual world of projection, holograms and lasers.

To make work like this takes time. Time for research and risk-taking, experimentation and invention.

The pivotal moment in the life of each and every one of our new works is the very initial phase where the first seeds are planted. This seeding time, when new concepts are first engaged with and collaborative relationships first tested lays the foundations for every new boundary-bending work that our audiences have come to anticipate and relish.

The New Work Seeding Fund

There is presently no pre-existing pool of money that we draw from to fund our projects – each one requires fundraising from the ground up at every stage from development through to presentation.

Via a newly established New Work Seeding Fund we plan to build some security around new works; to ensure that new ideas are embraced, that experimentation and innovation are nurtured, and that projects are given their best chance as they head out on the pathway to presentation.

We are thrilled to announce that a passionate Chamber Made supporter has offered to kickstart the New Work Seeding Fund by matching any funds raised up to the amount of $33,333. This means that any donation you make will be doubled!

Come along to celebrate with us, share a drink, meet Chamber Made Artistic Director Tamara Saulwick, Executive Producer Kylie McRae and Chair Jo Porter, along with the Chamber Made team, and hear a little more about Chamber Made and this exciting new initiative.

We invite you to join our artists in the way that every new work is born – by coming together and taking a leap of faith.

If you have any questions at all about any aspect of giving, or if you cannot attend the fundraiser but would like to discuss making a donation, please email Chamber Made Executive Producer Kylie McRae: kylie ( at )