A performance work for bodies and electronics

What would a perfect system look like, what would it mean, and would we really want it?

No system is immune to failure. Biology and technology alike are vulnerable to malfunction and breakdown. Set against a backdrop of transhumanist aspirations, SYSTEM_ERROR contemplates our shared disquiet around the frailties and imperfections that make us human, and interrogates the increasingly dependent and integrated relationship between human bodies, brains and technology.

Chamber Made Artistic Director and performance-maker Tamara Saulwick comes together with contemporary dance-maker, composer and instrument designer Alisdair Macindoe to create and perform this new hybrid performance work. They are joined by data visualisation artist Melanie Huang, director Lucy Guerin and writer Emilie Collyer to form a uniquely interdisciplinary team.

Central to the work is a bespoke instrument designed by Macindoe that sees electrically conductive tape function as a live audio mixing circuit activated through touch. Extending technology from content into form speaks directly to this pivotal time in human evolution as we grapple with the implications of technology’s centrality to our everyday lives.


Supported by Arts House Listening Room residency and CultureLAB. The project has also been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.