A trilingual performance work with speech, song & incantation

Dybbuks is a trilingual (Yiddish, Hebrew & English) contemporary opera performed by a small core of performers / vocalists, a Yiddish choir of inter-generational women and four female musicians. Presented in three formally distinct acts, Dybbuks exposes the complex rite of passage a young girl undergoes in order to become a woman.

The work is inspired by Anski’s iconic Yiddish play The Dybbuk (1914), which follows the possession of a young bride by her dead lover on the night of her wedding. Dybbuks explores this idea further, evoking a world where the dead speak through the female performers’ bodies & in doing so challenges the voiceless-ness of women across history.

Chamber Made is working in collaboration with lead artist Samara Hersch on this project, with Tamara Saulwick as sound dramaturg, Paul Jackson as project dramaturg, lighting and set designer, and Max Lyandvert as composer.