Session 3: Collectivity & Attunement

with Ayebatonye Abrakasa, Aarti Jadu, and Jennifer Walshe

The Collectivity & Attunement Session is led by Guest Curator Aviva Endea with artist presentations by Ayebatonye Abrakasa, Aarti Jadu, and Jennifer Walshe.

“A knowledge exchange is the notion of togetherness and of collectivity. New cultures and artistic movements and ideas are born in the spaces between individuals when we’re able to come together and share energy and develop modes, which enable us to understand and tune into each other.”

“Stephanie, Amos, and I were interested in artists whose practice demands an exchange between audience and artist, and between the human and the more than human. There is an element of reciprocity in the work they are sharing. A sense of that this exchange is feeding their practice and that it’s necessary for the creation of the work.” – Aviva Endea