Permission to Speak: Brisbane Powerhouse


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Photo credit: Pier Carthew


Poised in the delicate space between concert and theatre, Chamber Made’s Permission to Speak explores the most universal of relationships – that of parent and child – as it exists and evolves through a lifetime.

This first-time collaboration between director Tamara Saulwick and composer Kate Neal pairs contemporary performance with musical composition to construct a revealing portrait of the experience of family.

Musings, diatribes, recollections and hindsight find voice as four performer/vocalists are fused in choral counterpoint with an assembly of pre-recorded voices. Built from interviews with people of all ages, Permission to Speak interweaves the complexities, parallels and paradoxes of this dynamic relationship.

  • Concept, Direction, Text & Libretto
     Tamara Saulwick
  • Composition, Libretto, Instrument Design
     Kate Neal
  • Performance
     Gian Slater, Georgie Darvidis, Josh Kyle and Edward Fairlie
  • Sound Design
     Jethro Woodward
  • Lighting Design, Prop Design & Construction
     Bosco Shaw
  • Costume Design
     Marg Horwell
  • Production & Stage Management
     John Byrne
  • Recorded voices
     Penny Baron, MaryAnne Caleo, Olive Chaston, Rudie Chapman, Emilie Collyer, Annie Edney, Andrew Gray, Jane Hall, Carolyn Hanna, Kate Hunter, Martin Hoggart, Petra Kalive, Quinn Knight, Jai Leeworthy, David Maney, Niki na Meadhra, James Pratt, Ahn Tran, Charlotte West, Jack, James, John D, Laney, Mia, Rosa, Sybilla, Ting.
    Interviewees have been credited by their full name, first name only, or pseudonym, in accordance with their wishes.