Little Operations with Margaret Meran Trail

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Photo credit: Margaret Meran Trail

Conservatory Conservatory is a performance-ritual addressing plant-life. It takes place in the Fitzroy Conservatory, here re-imagined as The Embassy of Flowers. The performance considers how forms of non-human life may have something to say, even though it is unlikely that humans will ever figure out what that ‘something’ is. Here, in a spirit of mutual-mystification, humans indicate their respect for plant-life, and flowers graciously receive the diplomatic gestures of the humans.

The ritual, performed by Margaret Meran Trail, Carolyn Connors, Chris Lewis and guests, is made through sonic vibration and symbolic gesture. It takes the form of a structured improvisation in percussion, voice and electronic samples.


This showing was part of Chamber Made Opera’s Little Operations program and took place in the Fitzroy Gardens Conservatory thanks to the generous support of the City of Melbourne.