Turbulence Digiwork

Turbulence Digiwork was created by Sydney-based artist Peter Humble as a film version of the original chamber opera (commissioned and first produced by Chamber Made Opera as a living room opera in 2013).

This film was created for the e-book LIGE, which was released in June 2015 by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Danish Ministry of Equality in collaboration with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. LIGE celebrates the 100th anniversary of the achievement of female suffrage in Denmark, presenting projects by 20 artists whose work addresses the cultural politics of gender front-lines today in a variety of media.

Turbulence Digiwork had a showing at Federation Square, Melbourne in October 2015.

It was also installed at Arts House, Melbourne, as part of Chamber Made Opera’s #IntimatelyEpic season of art project installations in late 2015. It was presented in a single-screen version, with headphones.

To view 2015 film version, please go to http://www.lige-kunst.dk/#juliana_hodkinson. Once the e-book has loaded, scroll down to view the film.

If you would like more information about obtaining rights to screen Turbulence Digiwork please contact info[at]chambermadeopera[dot]com