Listening Acts

Listening Acts is a series of new short performance works and installations which consider the intersections between bodies, technology and listening.

It invites participating artists to examine, deconstruct, contextualise, challenge or frame notions of listening. What is it to listen? What is it to listen imperfectly? Or indeed, to listen perfectly? And how can technology (in all its multiple meanings) facilitate, interrupt, complicate or confound these acts of listening.

For this project Chamber Made has drawn together an exciting and diverse cohort of 10 lead artists working across multiple artforms to create new works. Whether sound or screen based, live performance or installation, the constant thread through the works will be an attention to the notion of listening, explored through the unique practice of each artist.

Listening Acts is generously supported by Now or Never, City of Melbourne, the University of Melbourne’s Science Gallery Melbourne and Arts Capital (Ainsley & Gorman)