A Synthetic Life

Gauguin (A Synthetic Life) is based on the life and artistic struggle  of French artist Paul Gauguin. In the painter’s relentless quest for sensualism  and unfettered expression, Gauguin’s unique art mirrors the development of his own controversial life. Gauguin’s early works show a clear allegiance to French Impressionism, but he later developed a style he called ‘synthetism’.

Michael Smetanin’s striking minimalist expressionistic score relentlessly propels Alison Croggon’s tale of frustrated ambition to its inevitable conclusion.

Instrumentation – fl.,ob., cl., 2 saxes., tpt., trb., elec. guit., 2 percs., hp., 2 pfs., cb., 4 drummers

“…spectacular theatre that clarifies many of its most lasting impressions      long after the performance is over…”


“…a sophisticated technical gambit that leaves even the digital      imagery of rock concerts for dead…”


2000: World Premiere for the Melbourne International Festival for the Arts, Fairfax Studio Victorian Arts Centre (November)