Crossing Live

A morality play for the commercial half hour

Award winning screen writer/ director, Matt Saville (Noise. Roy Hollsdotter Live, We Can Be Heroes), winner of the 2006 Premier’s Literary Award, joins forces with composer, Bryony Marks, to create a satirical and ultimately poignant deconstruction of TV-land.

Crossing Live is a contemporary fable, a morality play in the guise of a half-hour Current Affairs program, exploiting opera’s extraordinary potential for drama and theatricality to expose the farce of contemporary mainstream journalism.

Set in a television studio with a hard-edged anchor-woman, a tricky director, a long-suffering studio crew, a big-hearted make-up artist, musicians, and a live audience Crossing Live combines contemporary music-theatre and live video with TV current affairs and the dark side of journalism.


Green Room Awards

  • Winner of Best New Australian Work (Opera)
  • Winner of Outstanding Performance (Theatre – New Form) – Luke Elliot
  • Nomination for Production (Opera)
  • Nomination for Direction (Opera)
  • Nomination for Design (Opera)
  • Nomination for Female Artist, leading role (Opera)