The extremes of alternative intimacy

corRUPTION is a provocative poke at sexuality and the incongruous thrill of danger.

corRUPTION is inspired by a psycho-sexual tale drawn from Elisa Evers’ controversial one-act play of the same name. In the original play a young woman feels increasingly restless in her relationship. She gives vent to her boredom by flirting with strange men and placing herself in progressively more dangerous situations. She can’t leave her boyfriend, because he seems to be everything she should want. As her risky behaviour escalates, her boyfriend becomes aware of what’s happening and decides to “save her from herself”.

corRUPTION is an investigation into both the real and imagined. By way of a generically fluid presentation of spoken and sung text, music, video and dance theatre, the audience witnesses a woman’s heightened perspective as she traverses through realisations of herself and others.

corRUPTION enlists the collaborative energies of renowned Melbourne-based artists including director/choreographer Michelle Heaven, writer Ania Walwicz, composer Sasha Stella and director Douglas Horton.