Workshops and Workshop Leaders 2023

Workshops and Workshop Leaders 2023

Samara Hersch will explore ways of working with distance and intimacy. This practical workshop exploring voice and technology in order to evoke a sense of presence and proximity around that which is (seemingly) absent. This workshop will include some easy walking outdoors- please bring appropriate shoes, sun protection and your mobile phone (If you have them, please also bring headphones or earpods.)

Alex Walker will share the philosophies that underpin her work and mode of making with young people, inviting you into some of their processes, rituals, and trademark exercises.

Gelareh Pour is conducting a collective voice session that all participants will take part in.

Jen Rae’s workshop will centre around modes of making with … Indigenous pedagogies, collaborative learning, and relational accountability as part of creative practice.

Aviva Endean’s Aviva’s workshop focuses on modes of making with … situations for listening and sounding. A practical workshop that explores intimate and unusual situations for listening.