Workshops and presentations

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Presenters – Friday 18 November

Adena Jacobs 

Adena is a theatre director and is Artistic Director of the company Fraught Outfit. As a theatre artist, Adena’s ‘mode of making’ relies on a process of dismantling and rebuilding. Adena will discuss the questions embedded in this process, and how these shift when working across the mediums of theatre, opera and sound driven contemporary performance.

Lz Dunn

26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons and about 200,000 nerve endings. 

This is the anatomy of each of our feet.

When we move without shoes we can listen to what supports us underfoot. This listening happens as our feet deform and reform to meet the changes in the texture and shape of our terrain. This listening strengthens the musculature of our feet, enabling greater stability and support. This listening awakens the sensations of our soles and engages us in continuous conversation with the ground. 

In this experiential session Lz invites you to share in a mode of making that moves barefoot through biomechanics, metaphysics and everyday life.

Zen Teh

Zen is an environmental artist and educator interested in the interdisciplinary studies of nature and human behavior. Her art practice spans across photography, sculpture and installation art. For Hi-Viz Satellites Zen Teh shares her exploration of sound in visual art installations as a means to interrogate in the in-between spaces of human sensory experiences and urbanity, extending the memories and imagined states of these encountered sites.

Cherry Chan

In response to Hi-Viz Satellites theme of “modes of making”, Cherry Chan shares her journey in the art and music world, discussing the array of works she has been involved in, from DJing, composing soundscapes, creating community art installations & programmes, to curating and producing music festival stages and a visual art exhibition. 

Australian workshop facilitators – Saturday 19 November

NOTE: Australian workshops take place in person in Australia and are not available to Singapore-based participants.

Amaara Raheem 

Amaara (b. Colombo, Sri Lanka) is a dance-artist, researcher, writer and curator working with movement and language. This workshop will explore writing, archives and documentation. Participants will consider ‘satellites’ as a communication device, a space capsule, a planet, the moon, and co-dependent cycles. This workshop is for practitioners (of any discipline) interested in how embodied attention might shift the emphasis of archiving as a stable, fixed project towards something more like dancing.

Zoë Barry

Zoë’s practice incorporates writing, sound design, field recordings, verbatim text, slow looped composition and lip synching to create immersive ‘other places’ in live and digital spaces. At the time of Hi Viz, Zoë will be mid way through the Orange House By The Sea residency with Chamber Made. In this workshop participants will be invited into Zoë’s process. Exploring an aspect of the project, to observe what might be discovered with multiple bodies and voices in a shared space, the time together may include writing prompts, movement tasks, microphones, looping, and ghost stories.

Tina Stefanou 

Tina is a Greek-Australian artist living on unceded Wurundjeri country in Wattle Glen, Victoria. With a background as a vocalist, she works undisciplined, with and across a diverse range of mediums, practices, approaches and labours: an embodied practice that she calls voice in the expanded field. In this workshop, Tina proposes that we undress our practices together, to find a place of integrity and ease in our voices when we speak about why we do what we do, how we do it and what comes next. Moving beyond professionalism or industry speak. How can we talk, act, sing and move our practices into a planetary dimension? Which is always a collective project. How can the voice support that?