Hi-Viz Reflections: ADSR Zine

by Bec Fary, Sarah Walker, Olivia Muscat and Nat Grant

Bec Fary, this time around

“Where is your breath taking you?” Becky Sui Zhen, from ‘Living Memory’

“I smell yesterday’s breath (I should’ve washed this mask). My in… and ex… -halations are hot then wet then cool against the fabric, then against my skin, then against the fabric again…”


Sarah Walker, play walk listen yes

“The first thing we do is mute ourselves. We are acclimatised to a world lived via Zoom. Silence has become our natural state of being. There is a sense, though, of the gathering of thoughts. Of readiness. In previous years, the Hi-Viz exchange has thrummed with noise: chatter, footsteps, the scraping of chairs—and laughter, the joy of being in the physical presence of like minds, like practices and like experiences. This year, our gathering has the qualities of sound: it is intangible, atomised, and full of potential…”


Olivia Muscat, Hi-Viz 2020

“These days I can think of nothing more draining, soul-destroying, down right terrible, than sitting in front of a zoom call for an entire day.

Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz 2020, the third iteration of their practice exchange for women and non-binary artists, seems to be the exception to that rule. This was my first experience of Hi-Viz, so I wasn’t able to compare this online version to the two in-person events. But I can imagine the day would normally begin with the sound of chatter and introductions, putting bags down and finding seats, a sense of anticipation and excitement hanging thick in the air…”


Nat Grant, Response to Hi-Viz

“This artwork is a direct response to Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange in 2020. In a year of constant roadblocks, fear, and uncertainty, sound artists from around the country, and the world, came together to hold space for each other, and their practice. There is no one response to crisis, no single road to recovery, and no limits to our imaginations…”