Hi-Viz 2020 Overview

Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange 2020 was an online event held over one day (22 November).

With artist talks, listening sessions, participatory workshops, provocations, break out sessions, and performance, Hi-Viz is a day dedicated to artistic practice designed to stimulate, connect, and recharge.

We are all sharing one of the most unusual years in our lifetimes where time has become slippery, bodies dangerous, and the real and virtual increasingly entangled. What happens to artistic practice at a time like this? How does collaboration and creating new work shift? What do you let go of and what are you determined to hold onto?

We were joined by a community of practitioners to tease out these questions.

Our program for the day included:

We also had two sound artists-in-residence – Bec Fary and Nat Grant – and two writers-in-residence – Olivia Muscat and Sarah Walker – to capture and reflect on the day. These were published as part of a partnership with ADSR Zine and you can read / listen / experience the works these four artists made at ADSR Zine 012.

As with all Hi-Viz Practice Exchange events, this day was for women, gender diverse and trans artists working at the intersections of performance, sound and music. This event welcomed all cis and trans women, trans men and non-binary folk

To introduce some of our 2020 artists we asked them five fast questions

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