Hi-Viz 2019 Overview

Chamber Made’s Hi-Viz Practice Exchange 2019 extended over two days at  The Substation.

Taking on feedback from the previous year, we presented a day of artist talks, practice interrogations, networking and art dates, followed by an extension day of workshops.

Our program for the first day included:

Workshops on the second day included:

  • Modular Synth workshop for absolute beginners with Emah Fox and Lauren Squire
  • Gnarly Dissolve with Madeleine Flynn
  • Translating Improvisational Languages, a participatory workshop, led by Gian Slater and Kate Sulan
  • Collaboration: Beginning and Extending with Carolyn Connors
  • A  Temporary Community of Strangers, a sound workshop, by Roslyn Oades
  • String Thinking – using string to materialise temporal and structural thinking – with Liza Lim

We also had two writers-in-residence – Monique Grbec and Sally Blackwood – to capture and reflect on the day. You can read their reflections here:
Read reflection by Monique Grbec
Read reflection by Sally Blackwood

Video Recap
This video was made at Hi-Viz 2019, held 2-3 September at  The Substation, by videographer Marguerite Eudes.