Fast Five Roslyn Oades – Hi-Viz 2020

Image: Roslyn Oades

What feels alive about your practice right now?

Engaging in the present tense and discovering new routines based on staying local. I have not experienced this sort of stillness for a very long time. I feel much more aware of being part of a local village/community right now, which has been a profound focus shift. I’m curious about what will emerge from this experience.

Are there any particular sounds you’ve been noticing in lockdown?

I have a heightened awareness of bird song at the moment. I live close to the Melbourne CBD. With the city in hard lockdown, the voices of birds feel particularly present and comforting. My ears search for them every morning while I’m still half asleep.

How have you been experiencing time in recent months?

Time has felt fluid and warped since March. At first, the project cancellations and “pivots” made me panic and scramble for solutions. It’s surprising how accustomed I’ve now become to shifting sand and living day to day. Trying to stay on top of everything with extended home schooling and no access to my studio has been exhausting. I’ve definitely slowed down now and accepted I can’t do all the things I’d planned this year.

Can you evoke the concept for your Hi-Viz event in a few words?

My concept for the Audiosketch podcast is to meet some innovative audio-based artists and invite them to share some unfinished ideas, creative process, listening advice, personal inspiration and an art crush.

What’s one thing you do to keep stimulated and engaged as an artist?

Making space for reading, watching, listening and giving myself permission to slow down. A new interest in running 3 days a week has also been amazing for keeping my mental health in balance during lockdown.

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