Fast Five Carla Zimbler – Hi-Viz 2020

Image: Carla Zimbler

What feels alive about your practice right now?

I’ve started to translate digital environments into physical objects, shifting from ephemeral to tactile, examining eternality and hard/soft edges.

Are there any particular sounds you’ve been noticing in lockdown?

Train horns, kettles boiling, electrical humming, chip packets rustling, heartbeats pounding. Liquid drains, gurgles and oozes.

How have you been experiencing time in recent months?

Hours melt between nonsensical routines, surreal stillness and irregular sleep patterns. Dark curtains disrupt time, drawn open for fragments of sun.

Vivid dreams triggered by heated blankets throw my body between time-zones. In my mind I’m in a thousand places at once whilst standing stationary.

Can you evoke the concept for your Hi-Viz Short Work Commission in a few words?

Nostalgic // Empathetic // Phantasmic

What’s one thing you do to keep stimulated and engaged as an artist?

Seek connection and emotional response. Siphon thoughts into tangible/intangible realities, redefine boundaries and approach multi-sensory spaces with mindfulness.

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