Turbulence at Lorne

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Deborah Kayser. Photo credit: Peter Humble

Set high in the sky in an airline passenger cabin, Turbulence invites you to witness a musical drama playing out between a mother and daughter.

Turbulence was first born as a live living room opera work, and then re-imagined as a stunning film.

This hybrid version brings together both live performance elements and the film, to create an intimate work where parallel monologues of the singing mother and speaking daughter tilt, weave, collide and soar.

Turbulence will be presented as part of Lorne Festival of Performing Arts in September 2016.

“Turbulence reveals the incredible power of chamber opera to unite disparate environments through artistic aims.”


“[Turbulence] takes us on an intriguing flight… Juliana Hodkinson’s composition is unusual, full of tremulous glissando and non-standard vocal technique against a synthesised score and a libretto (Cynthia Troup) using the metaphor of aeroplane flight to explore the subliminal eddies that underlie the mother/daughter relationship…”