The Venny Project 2013: From Here To There

At The Venny

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Photo Credit: Daisy Noyes

Chamber Made Opera is passionate about expanding people’s notions of opera, and demonstrating ways in which contemporary performance can change the way one thinks.

Chamber Made Opera is again working with the children of The Venny in 2013, made possible by the generous support from the Hugh Williamson Foundation and the Victoria Government through Arts Victoria (Community Partnerships).

Our Artistic Associate Sarah Kriegler, along with artists Danni von der Borch, Ida Dueland, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Christie Stott and Kate Matthews, worked with the children of The Venny on a weekly basis, helping them to create a set of micro-operas around the theme of ‘journeys’. These operas were performed for their friends and families at the end of June.

The Venny with Chamber Made Opera will show a  new work ‘From here to there’ written, devised and performed by the children of the Venny.


  •  The Children of The Venny Creators, Devisors & Performing Artists
  • Artistic Associate & Co-Director
     Sarah Kriegler
  • Community Liaison & Co-Director
     Dannielle von der Borch
  • Project Assistant
     Lloyd Greenland
  • Artists
     Ida Dueland, Matthias Schack-Arnott, Christie Stott & Kate Matthews
  • Production Management & Lighting
     Bronwyn Pringle
  • Production Assistant
     Georgia Rann
  • Sound Consultant
     Jethro Woodward
  • Photography
     Daisy Noyes