The Venny Celebration 2018

At The Venny

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From Here to There 2013: Image Credit Daisy Noyes

This year marks the end of the extraordinary partnership between Chamber Made and The Venny.

It is impossible to describe in a few words how profound and powerful this seven year project has been. Working in collaboration with The Venny team, with the amazing artists who have run workshops, lessons and built creative projects, and above all, the immense privilege of playing a small role in the lives of the remarkable children of The Venny.

We are gathering together to celebrate on Friday 7 December. This event is free and open to all. Please book your tickets for catering purposes.

There will be food and drink. There will be time for outdoor play and dancing. There will be a few (short!) speeches. There will be a screening of a short documentary film that captures something of this seven year partnership.

The Venny partnership has been supported by many organisations and individuals over the years. The  collaboration  between  Chamber  Made  and  The  Venny  in  2016-2018  has  been  made  possible  by  the  generous  support  of  the  Hugh  Williamson  Foundation.  The  project  has  been  assisted  by  the  Australian  Government  through  the  Australia  Council,  its  arts  funding  and  advisory  body.