Staffing announcement

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Photo credit: Pier Carthew

We are sharing a significant staffing change, to announce that our inimitable Creative Director and CEO Tim Stitz is moving on from Chamber Made.

Tim began working with Chamber Made in February 2012 as Executive Producer and was appointed Creative Director and CEO as part of an organisational re-structure in June 2013.

Tim brought a rich array of professional, creative and personal skills to his role. He calmly shepherded the company through the regular waves and eddies of a small arts organisation; oversaw a number of structural changes; and produced several ambitious and exciting new Chamber Works and a raft of other artistic and company initiatives. He also brought his warm personality and ability to make everyone he came into contact with feel valued, seen and heard and he has contributed a huge amount to the sustaining and growing of the Chamber Made community of artists, friends and colleagues.

We want to make special mention of the remarkable work Tim did over many years developing and nurturing the company’s relationship with Chinese artists from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music that resulted in our Green Room Award winning work: Between 8 and 9 (Chengdu Teahouse Project). This was a particular passion project of Tim’s and his diplomatic, communication and negotiation skills were absolutely crucial to this work. It ended up having numerous iterations, performances, public moments and seasons in Australia and China and is a unique example of cross-cultural artistic collaboration.

We will dearly miss Tim’s presence, his knowledge and skills and his unparalleled enthusiasm for getting things done, making things work and creating a happy and supportive work place.

The Board would like to thank Tim for his transformational leadership of the company. He has positioned us well for the future, leaving us with an important legacy of exceptional works created in his uniquely open and collaborative style.


What a great pleasure it has been to have worked with Tim at Chamber Made, and in particular in this last year since I first stepped into the Artistic Director role at the company. I have learned enormously from his generosity, expertise and passionate commitment to artists and the work they make. In his time leading the company, Tim has fostered a creative environment in which artists can take risks, pursue their vision, and expand the boundaries of their practice. What a gift! I look forward to witnessing the continuing contributions he will undoubtedly make to the arts ecology into the future.


We are delighted to announce that Artistic Director Tamara Saulwick will step into the role of CEO, bringing her own raft of industry experience and expertise. This is an exciting step for the company.

The Board is delighted that Tamara is stepping into the CEO role. We think it is an important step for the company to have her expand her internationally regarded artistic practice and leadership into overall leadership of the company. We are excited for the future of the company.


The company will shortly be advertising for a new staff position and more details will be available on our website soon.