Photo credit: Pier Carthew

Marking an exciting new development in the creative leadership model for the company, Chamber Made Opera is delighted to announce Tamara Saulwick’s appointment to a new role of Artistic Director to work alongside CEO and Creative Director Tim Stitz.

We are delighted with Tamara’s appointment. This new role is a logical next step in evolving the collaborative model that the Committee of Management found so compelling when Tim was first appointed in 2013. We keenly anticipate the artistic program that is emerging from this collaboration.


Tamara and Tim will share the artistic and operational leadership of Chamber Made Opera, working with a host of highly accomplished collaborating artists to create new works located at the nexus of music, performance and design.

With over 20 years experience and a focus on how sound contributes to live performance, Tamara is a multi-award winning and highly regarded performance-maker and director with works presented on national and international stages.

Tamara’s works created with Chamber Made Opera include Permission to Speak (2016) in collaboration with composer Kate Neal and she was dramaturg on Wake (2014).

I am thrilled and honoured to accept the Artistic Director position at Chamber Made Opera, a company whose work I have followed throughout the last 25 years and with which I have had the fortune to work with the past three years. Chamber Made Opera occupies a unique place in the Australian music and performance landscape and I look forward to working closely with Tim and collaborating with many artists associated with the company in shaping the next phase of its evolution.


This is a continuation of the strategic vision we’ve developed over the last few years. Central to our approach is a constant interrogation of what artistic framework and operational model will best service this interdisciplinary company, our artists and audience.


Tamara  joined Chamber Made Opera in 2014 as one of four Artistic Associates alongside Sarah Kriegler, Christie Stott and Erkki Veltheim, who will continue as collaborating artists with the company on various projects.

Sarah, Christie and Erkki have been instrumental in the formation and implementation of Chamber Made Opera’s artistic model over the last three years. They have produced a suite of compelling works, including Captives of the City (2015), Another Other (2014), Wake (2014) and Intimately Epic (2015). Each of these artists has brought remarkable talent and an extraordinary depth of experience to their roles and we look forward to a continued association with them as collaborating artists


Chamber Made Opera team (from left to right): Tamara Saulwick (Artistic Director), Emilie Collyer (Communications Manager), Imbi Neeme (Operations Manager), Tim Stitz (Creative Director). Not pictured: Sally Goldner (Finance Officer). Photo credit: Pier Carthew.