Little Operations with THE RABBLE

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'Little Operations with THE RABBLE', The Substation, 2014. Photo credit: Kate Davis.


Are modern death rituals such as the funeral ineffective?
Is there a relationship between the heroic, gender and death?
Is the corpse taboo in contemporary society – how does this relate to the abject body?
What is the sound of grief?

These are some of the provocations behind this presentation of THE RABBLE‘s latest work-in-progress: a new contemporary opera inspired by James Joyce’s Ulysses. The final product (the full 18 episodes) will be a 10 hour long ambitious and durational theatrical experience.

Ulysses is a seminal modernist text divided into eighteen episodes, each radically different in narrative style. It is a retelling of Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey – Joyce takes Homer’s epic and translates it to the “everyman”, where we follow Leopold Bloom over the course of one day. Joyce makes his protagonists relatable and human and the heroic natural. (as opposed to a gift from the Gods.)

For this Little Operations event, THE RABBLE developed Episode 6: Hades in collaboration with composer Max Lyandvert.

This event was presented as part of The Substation’s Independent Performance Program, supported by Arts Victoria.

For more photos from this event, please see our album on Flickr.

  • Creators
  • Performers
     Dana Mitford, David Harrison and Mary Helen Sassman
  • Composer
     Max Lynandvert