Little Operations with Aviva Endean

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Photo credit: Christie Stott

The first Little Operations event for 2015 presents The Perfect Human, a new work in development by Emerging Artist-in-Residence Aviva Endean in collaboration with two of Melbourne’s most adventurous vocalists, Carolyn Connors and Jenny Barnes.

The work takes its title from Jørgen Leth’s 1967 short film ‘Det perfekte menneske’ which depicts a man and a woman, both labeled ‘the perfect human’, functioning in a white boundless room.

Inspired by Leth’s aesthetic, The Perfect Human will explore acapella vocal textures, vocal preparations, and physical exertion in a performative work that contrasts the ageless fascination with the human voice with the disposable nature of lo-fi lighting purchased from a $2 shop.

This event is presented in association with Footscray Community Arts Centre