Hi-Viz 2018 – Practice Exchange

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Image from Chamber Made Little Operations with THE RABBLE (2014) Photo credit: Daisy Noyes

Hi-Viz Practice Exchange is a new Chamber Made initiative for women and non-binary artists working across performance, sound and music.



Hi-Viz is a day of discussions, exchanges, and interactions aimed at deepening dialogue around cross-artform practice, placing a particular emphasis on work residing at the intersection of performance, sound, and music. The practice exchange is intended to deepen dialogue, build networks, and nurture new understandings between performance makers, theatre directors, composers, and sound artists. Chamber Made hopes to continue and expand Hi-Viz as an annual event.

Hi-Viz Practice Exchange Program

Reflection by Alison Croggon

Reflection by Cynthia Troup

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Participant quotes:

“I got a feeling of solidarity and hopefulness.”


“I was hoping for a dose of ideas and connections. These expectations were met outstandingly.”


“It gave me a sense of community – a poor word for the level of encouragement, courage and hope I got from the day. The other participants felt like a team of artists cheering me on, wanting to collaborate and support me.”


“Hearing more established artists in my field talk through their processes and share insights into what has worked and what hasn’t was hugely helpful. Well done Chamber Made! Congrats and thanks for bringing a bunch of fascinating and inspiring folk together. I hope you are able to do it again; it’s a very important and fertile space to evolve.”


Hi-Viz is for women and non-binary artists working across performance, sound and music. It is for everyone in this space, from emerging to established artists. Hi-Viz is designed to bring performance-makers, directors, composers, and sound artists into conversation with one another. Speakers and panellists include:


Whilst there are many artists working in these crossover spaces, there are few opportunities outside of the framework of producing work, to gather and interrogate this area of practice. Each artform discipline brings with it quite distinct languages, skills, processes, conventions and expectations.

Hi-Viz Practice Exchange aims to begin conversations to unpack these differences in the hope of developing a richer understanding of the possibilities of cross-artform practice. Importantly, it is also a day for practitioners from the often quite discrete scenes of contemporary performance/theatre, sound art, and new/art music to meet one another.


This inaugural Hi-Viz event will be hosted by The SUBSTATION.


Tuesday 4 December

10.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Attendance at Hi-Viz is by registration. There is a small fee attached to cover costs for the event. The day includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch.

Registrations for this event have now closed.




*NOTE: This project is a ‘Special Measure’ under Section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 – meaning it can direct its focus towards women only. It is also open to artists who identify as non-binary in their gender identification.