Between 8 and 9: Castlemaine


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Photo credit: Jeff Busby

Presented by the Castlemaine State Festival at Castlemaine’s Phee Broadway Theatre as part of Asia TOPA,  Between 8 and 9 (Chengdu Teahouse Project) is a 70 minute sound installation created by a group of Australian & Chinese artists led by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, featuring traditional instrumentation, new composition, electronics, sculptural design and vocal performance.



This work is created by all artists involved in a collaborative process led by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey.

  • Collaborating performing artists
     Carolyn Connors (vocalist/accordion/winds), Madeleine Flynn (pedal organ/toy piano/vintage electronics), Guo Si-Cen (郭思岑) (erhu), Tim Humphrey (brass/electronics), Kang Yan-Long (康彦龙) (vocalist), Wang Shuai (王帅) (percussion), Wang Zheng-Ting (王正亭) (sheng/winds) and Zhu Hui-Qian (朱荟钱) (vocalist)
  • Collaborating artists
     Jim Atkins (acoustic facilitation), Ching Ching Ho (dramaturgy), Bosco Shaw (lighting) and Anna Tregloan (installation and costume)
  • Production collaborators
     Kellie Jayne Chambers (production & stage management), Minglu Chen (陈明露) (production assistance), Amanda Carr & Rebecca Dunn (costume-makers), Hahnie Goldfinch, Lauren Spark, Yvette Turnbull, Oden Wilson & Steph Wright (installation-makers), Jake Jobling (lighting crew/realisation), Dr Adrian Tien (田映春博士) (academic consultation), Emilie Collyer (text consultation), Professor Gan Shao-Cheng (甘绍成) (Chengdu project liaison), Dr Wang Zheng-Ting (王正亭) (Melbourne project liaison), Tim Stitz (creative producer).