2024 Orange House by the Sea Residency

Orange House by the Sea

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Photo credit: Lisa Businovski

Residency dates: 5 August – 23 August 2024

Applications are now closed

Chamber Made is now calling for applications for our 2024 Orange House by the Sea Artist Residency program for mid-career* artists who are working at the intersections of performance, sound and music. The residency is open to artists who identify as cis or trans women, trans men, non-binary or gender-non-conforming.**

We welcome applications from artists of all backgrounds, and encourage First Nations artists, artists from diverse backgrounds and artists with disabilities to apply.

Applications close Monday 18 March 2024 at 11.59 p.m. AEST.  Submit your application here.

Please contact us at Chamber Made via info ( at ) chambermade.org if you have any access needs in terms of completing your application.


  • Three weeks accommodation
  • $3,000 stipend (an additional contribution towards child care is available if required)
  • Access to an industry mentor
  • There is no public outcome associated with the residency
  • You will be required to submit a report of progress / findings to Chamber Made


The residency takes place between 5 August – 23 August 2024. Please note that the artist fee is a set amount.


The residency is open to mid-career* artists who identify as cis or trans women, trans men, non-binary or gender-non-conforming** and who are making, researching or developing work located at the intersection of performance, sound and music.

This opportunity is open to artists who are residents of Australia only. There is no additional travel stipend available so you will need to cover your own travel expenses to and from the residency.


The residency originated at the beautiful home of the late artist Margaret Cameron, the Orange House by the Sea (also known as ‘Crickneck’). Continuing the tradition and the spirit of developing inventive, new work by the coast, the residency remains on the bay or coastline but may be in a different house due to the availability of the original Orange House.


Selection criteria

  • Demonstrated experience of over 10 years in a performing arts practice
  • Established engagement with cross-artform practice – particularly working across the areas of performance/theatre, sound art and art music.
  • Clear articulation of the focus of the residency period (whether project focused or otherwise)
  • Potential impact of the residency on the applicant’s artistic practice


My proposal is to work on a music project, is that the right fit for this residency? 

No, this residency is for artists whose projects and practice take place at the intersections between performance, sound and music.

What do you mean by ‘performance’?

By ‘performance’ we are referring to ‘contemporary performance’ or theatre related practices, as distinct from the performing of music.

I come out of a choreographic practice. Is this considered to align with the Chamber Made remit? 

Broadly speaking no, with the exception of when a choreographic artist is considering how their practice intersects with or is extended by text, sound or music.

Does Chamber Made make musical theatre, opera or cabaret?

No. We make contemporary performance works at the intersections of sound, performance and music. To get a sense of our works, you can look through our website at past works, or view our  company trailer.

Can I apply with a group or is the residency only for solo artists?

Applications are invited from individuals who will enter into an agreement with Chamber Made for the residency. Artists may take up the residency solo or with a small team of collaborators (up to three people in total and collaborators can be any gender as long as the lead artist(s) are women or gender-non-conforming). If you are working with collaborators it will be your responsibility to manage the division and allocation of the artist fee.

*What is mid-career?

For the purpose of this residency, we are defining mid-career as artists who have more than 10 years practice in their artform

**Why is this residency offered to women, gender-diverse and non-binary applicants?

This project is a ‘Special Measure’ under Section 12 of the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 – meaning it can direct its focus towards a specific group.

Are there any other restrictions as to who can apply?

Current staff and board members of Chamber Made are not eligible to apply. Applicants are required to be Australian residents. There is no funding available to cover travel costs.

How did the residency program begin?

This residency has been generously supported by Chamber Made donors.

Read about the residency history


Submit your application here.