Little Operations

One-off presentations of findings and ideas in development that emerge from Little Operations, our research and development stream.

Little Operations 2021 with Louise Devenish, Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh & Chris Cottrell

A Little Operation, 23 Mar 2021

Percussionist Louise Devenish, composer Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh and spatial designer Chris Cottrell come together in Substrate Structure: a collaborative investigation in musical and material texture towards a new work for percussion and electronics. Stemming from the artists’ explorations in the award-winning project Sheets of Sound (2019), Substrate Structure will expand the initial investigation in the sonic properties of sheet materials such as paper, aluminium, and acetate sheets. This development time will be used to explore the sonic and performative capabilities of the materials and structure, and to begin devising a musical language for the work.

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Little Operations with The Letter String Quartet

A Little Operation, 29 Aug 2019

Our 2019 Little Operations features elements from a new work in development, All that you hear is all that is heard, a site specific work composed and presented by The Letter String Quartet and curated by emerging curator Rachael Paintin.

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Little Operations with Margaret Meran Trail

A Little Operation, 22 Mar 2016

Conservatory Conservatory is a performance-ritual addressing plant-life. It takes place in the Fitzroy Conservatory, here re-imagined as The Embassy of Flowers. The performance considers how forms of non-human life may have something to say, even though it is unlikely that humans will ever figure out what that ‘something’ is. Here, in a spirit of mutual-mystification, humans indicate their respect for plant-life, and flowers graciously receive the diplomatic gestures of the humans.

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