A sound work for bodies and electronics

‘When seemingly stable boundaries (human/artificial, life/death, nature/culture) are displaced by technological innovation, other boundaries are more vigilantly guarded.’
Anne Balsamo

Tamara Saulwick and contemporary dance maker/sound designer Alisdair Macindoe join forces to make and perform SYSTEM_ERROR, a new sound work activated by the human body in space.

Through the use of electrical conductive tape, Macindoe has designed a system in which the performance space floor becomes a live audio mixing circuit which can be activated in real-time by the live bodies of the performers. Working with a mashup of source materials from sic-fi cinema, SYSTEM_ERROR examines our ongoing anxiety and preoccupation with controlling and being controlled by artificial intelligence.

The work is an experiment in creating new approaches to sound-making in performance, the intersection of these with the construction of a contemporary performance work and an exploration of cross-artform collaboration. The team will include data visualisation artist Melanie Huang. Key to the creation of the final performance work will be an interrogation of the increasingly interdependent and integrated relationship between humans and intelligent machines.


Supported by Arts House Listening Room residency.