Little Operations

An opportunity for emerging and established artists and groups to enter into a conversation with Chamber Made and our audience.

'Little Operations with Ivan Cheng', Federation Square, 2014. Photo credit: Daisy Noyes

Little Operations is our research and development stream, through which we seed and explore new ideas. Unlike a more formal creative development where artists are generating content for a new work, a Little Operation is an open space with a focus on artistic exploration rather than presentation outcomes.

Little Operations provides a testing ground for new collaborations between Chamber Made and independent artists. Each Little Operations project is supported through a small amount of seed funding. Most will have a showing of some kind to present artistic findings. All Little Operations are considered for their suitability for subsequent development within the company’s creation and presentation stream. At present, we schedule one to two Little Operations per year.



Little Operations with Hilary Kleinig & Erik Griswold (October 2018)

Little Operations with Dylan Sheridan (September 2017)

Little Operations with Margaret Meran Trail  (March 2016)

Little Operations with Fabricated Rooms (November 2015)

Little Operations with Aviva Endean (June 2015)

Little Operations with THE RABBLE (December 2014)

Little Operations with Ivan Cheng (September 2014)